Welcome to the Korner - a section featuring content contributed directly by you, our customers. Since the launch of the Kinekt website and Gear Ring, we have had the amazing opportunity to hear many of the personal stories that surround the product. Enjoy!

Glen L., designer & founder, Livingston, NJ

I often get asked how the idea for the Gear Ring came about. The concept didn’t magically pop into my head one day like a divine spark. It came from a combination of personal experiences, ideas, and thoughts that had been gathered and stored up for the past fifteen years.

During class in the 4th grade, I’d tap a pencil on my desk like a drumstick, much to the dismay of my teacher. Despite the belief that annoying her was my intention, the tapping was an outlet for me that I simply couldn’t explain at the time.

As I got a bit older, I no longer had a teacher reprimanding me, but still continued to enjoy getting lost in my own imagination (and “playing drums” on flat surfaces). I started thinking about the possibility of designing something that would allow me to concentrate, focus, and continue to dream without distracting those around me. It wasn’t until my sister and I had a conversation about jewelry that the idea started to reveal itself. To create an object that was small, wearable, and could be “played with” became my goal.

I never imagined that the Gear Ring would impact others the way it has. For me, it keeps the gears in my head spinning as I dream up the next five, ten, twenty products for Kinekt Design.

Stay Kinekted…


Jesse M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This is the single greatest ring in existence. I have severe ADD and this ring has been the best thing to happen for my disability in my entire life. I have on numerous occasions been able to calm down and recenter my entire day simply by spinning this ring. I would likely attribute a decent portion of my success in schooling to this ring’s ability to simply give me a focal point when I am stressed and unfocused.

This ring is also my engagement ring (my fiancé is very smart with great taste in rings and knows me very well). I am always proud to display this ring whenever I say I am engaged and I really enjoy any opportunity to kind of show off both my engagement and the ring.

I work for Bestbuy Geek Squad and on more than a handful of occasions this ring has helped. Usually what ends up happening is a customer that is angry or displeased will sit in anger while I try to resolve their issues. Once they see the ring (and I’ve actually watched this process work out across their face while they think about it) they have two choices. They can remain angry and not get the chance to look at the ring more closely. Or they can adopt a positive attitude and inquire about it at which point I let them spin it and refer them to the company name and site. It sounds kind of silly to talk about a ring helping with school, work, and relationships but since this ring has helped me with all three of those categories, I decided that an email was in order to let the company know how much I appreciate the product.

Donald B., Lafayette, LA

I am the founder of BEGNEAUD Manufacturing, a precision sheet metal shop in Lafayette, LA. I have been doing metal work since the 60s and the business is an extension of my hobby. One day I crafted a wide point triangle metal ring for myself and really enjoyed being able to showcase my work in that way. I wore it proudly and inspired my coworkers to give me a Gear Ring for my birthday. As we specialize in quality, detailed metal-work, the gift was incredibly thoughtful. For my work, I travel frequently, and my Gear Ring never failed to be a conversation starter. Usually, people inquired as to whether or not I had made the ring. Though each time I had to admit that no, I did not, every instance was an opportunity to speak more about the ring I did create. The discussion continued on to my work and my business. The Gear Ring inevitably opened conversations everywhere I went.

Ami & Teddy L., Grand Coteau, LA

The Kinekt ring was a wonderful treat for my husband on our wedding day so I figured I might share it with y’all. Me and my husband have known each other since were 12 years old and have honestly been crazy in love with each other since we met. After some time apart, when we reunited, he proposed right away and we were so excited to start our lives together that we were married about 3 months later! He gave me a gorgeous ring that was unique and exactly what I wanted. I knew that he always wanted the infamous Gear Ring but in an attempt to save money we decided to just use a ring he already had. I’m always looking for special ways to surprise him and I thought this would be a great opportunity. Thankfully, the Gear Ring was very affordable and although I was nervous about getting his size right I ordered it. I decided to keep it a surprise until the very moment we were at the altar and it was time to exchange vows, then rings. I don’t think he’s ever been so surprised and we have the pictures to prove it! The ring fit perfectly and he absolutely loves it. Making him happy is what makes me happy still after all these years and the Kinekt Gear Ring made that happen on the happiest day of our lives.

Barry B., Scottdale, PA

Every time I am wearing my Gear Ring when we are out somewhere, it keeps me occupied. When we are in a quiet place like church, my wife keeps telling me, “Stop spinning that thing, you are annoying me and others around you”. She just doesn’t get it. Her fingers aren’t big enough to even wear one.

Greg B., Chesterfield, NH

I have received so many compliments on my Gear Ring. The first question asked most frequently is “does it spin”? I take it off, give it to them and they being turning the ring and studying the mesmerizing motion. I often find myself spinning my Gear Ring during meetings, while deep in thought and when I don’t even have a reason. It is a calming vice with no negative side effects.

Christie G., Ajax, Ontario, Canada

I bought the Gear Ring for my husband last Christmas. He had no idea what he was getting and was totally surprised when he finally opened his present Christmas morning. We had been married 20 years and always try to outdo each other with presents for anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Well needless to say, I finally outdid myself as he feels naked if he is not wearing the Gear Ring. He shows it off everywhere we go. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy a rare and unique gift that I still have trouble finding anything better.

William B., Logansport, IN

I had my Kinekt ring for a few months and everywhere I wore it, I got comments and inquiries on how it worked. I became very attached to the ring and I often found myself “spinning” it when I was concentrating at work. A few months later a friend at the gym I go to became “un-engaged” and was unable to wear her engagement ring any longer. It was clear that she was very upset after wearing her new engagement ring for many months and she was feeling “naked” and missed having that ring. Without hesitation, I took off my Kinekt ring and told her that she was more than welcome to wear my Gear Ring until she felt better about having to take off her engagement ring and that she would never feel alone because she could just spin the ring and I’d be right there with her in thought. She put the ring on her thumb right then. That was over a year ago. We became even closer friends and started to date. Next thing you know we are in a committed relationship. She still wears my Gear Ring on her thumb everyday. I will admit I miss my ring, but I would rather it be on her thumb than anywhere else in this whole world.

Christian H., Damian & Patti H., Aurora, CO

I had seen your ad in gadget and car mags and thought it was great!! When my older brother and person I look up to got married to this great wife (Patti), this was his wedding ring!!! Once seeing his, I had to get one for myself!! It’s a huge bond between him and his wife, and every time I see it, it reminds me of him and keeps me working hard to reach my dreams!! The ring is genius and lets me know that if you do things correctly, then life usually moves smoothly!!!

CW2 Brady A C., Afghanistan (currently), Spanish Fork, UT

It’s really short, simple, and sweet. I grew out of my original wedding ring so I hadn’t worn one in a long time. My wife didn’t say anything but I could tell it bugged her. Well, while in Afghanistan (different tour) I saw the ring in a magazine and thought it was perfect. I thought about our marriage and through 16 years of pain, deployments, schools, and separations my wife grew to be very independent and supportive. I did everything I could to be the most supportive and caring husband I could. We were a rough couple 16 years ago when we first got married. Through time, trials, and tears, we eventually figured out how to make our marriage work like clockwork. The ring was symbolic. Every gear had to work, when one side turned, the other side turned. Everything was reciprocated. Through working to make the other person happy we had a marriage that worked seamlessly and beautifully. Me and my wife have matching ones!

Anne L., Atlanta, GA

I come from a family torn by generations of divorced parents. My Daddy raised me lovingly including me in his motorcycle racing and building hobby. When I was a 13-yr old girl, my parents divorced and Mom got stuck with me.

I stopped riding motorcycles shortly thereafter and put it on my “bucket list” to own and ride my own motorcycle someday. Thirty long years later, after my own divorce and having to leave my only son with his father, I bought my own motorcycle and took a mechanics course to work on it myself. I saw the Kinekt Gear Ring in American Motorcyclist and immediately bought it, with the matching t-shirt, of course.

Then, the next year, my grown son (20 yrs), re-connected with me of his own volition. What better way to show our eternal connection and determination to work together than to each wear a Kinekt Gear Ring as a reminder?! I gave him his own ring and he has worn it ever since. He now even rides his own motorcycle!

Thanks, Kinekt Design, for being a bridge of ideas, symbolism, and tactile expression beyond words.

Chris F., Brooklyn, NY

I gave your ring to my husband for his birthday in October. He is wearing it as his wedding band, unlike the actual wedding band he almost never wore in the entire 12 years of our marriage!

Matthew A., Savannah, GA

I had my first Kinekt Gear Ring for a little over a year before I tragically lost it swimming. To my gleeful surprise, my fiancé bought me a better-fitting replacement for my birthday, which she shipped to me as I was deployed in Afghanistan at the time. It has safely weathered 9 months of desert out there and returned safely as a part of me.

It feels like a piece of me now, it feels awkward to go without wearing it. I find the intermeshing gears very symbolic of how we people affect one another – either directly or indirectly, as gears do. I hope to always own this, to go without ever misplacing or losing it. And to see more of the world with it, furthering its significance.

Oh, and it’s often the subject of envy.

J. Pratte., Omaha, NE

About a year and a half ago, my partner was flipping through an interior design magazine when he stopped short and became highly excited about something. This is not an unusual circumstance, as he randomly becomes very animated about home décor products (leading to us owning a lot of items we have no place to display, but I digress…). In this case I was quite surprised to see it was actually jewelry that had caught his eye. It was a huge photo and write up about the “Gear Ring” that he was in love with. My partner is a fidgeter with his jewelry anyhow (we are often retrieving dropped items from floors and other less…savory places) and so I thought that this might be a good idea. However, most times the items in the magazines are much higher end and beyond my meager means to afford.

So a year or so later I was looking for the perfect gift for him, and I recalled the photo of the Gear Ring. After some internet searching, I was VERY happy to find not only the Kinekt website, but that the ring was also very affordable. After a couple of emails and calls for sizing and specifics, the ring was on its way, and to this day is still his favorite piece of jewelry. I haven’t had to retrieve it from the floor of any restaurants, bars or our vehicles, as now he can spin and play with it on his finger. People love the ring and compliment him on it all the time.

Chris L., New Baltimore, NY

I have been asked about my ring:

-At the phone store, a clerk commented on how much he liked it and asked where he could get one.

-At one of my work locations, the secretary noticed it and thought it was very masculine.

-My supervisor was afraid to ask me about it. She would to do so would cross those boundaries one should not cross with direct reports (like talking about the other person’s wardrobe).

-A close friend of mine is a Jungian analyst. We discussed the metaphorical aspect of the ring, how it matches Carl Jung’s beliefs that everything in the conscious mind has an exact opposite force in the unconscious mind. They work opposite to each other, but cannot exist without the other and for the individual to be psychologically healthy they have to be in perfect balance, like the 2 concentric cylinders of the ring and the gears in between.

Trey H., Conne River, Canada

I bought a Gear Ring about a year ago and it has to be one of the best things I ever bought. I work in IT for 10 years and all that multitasking has left my attention span, well almost non-existent. Spinning this ring while in conversations allows me to stay concentrated on the person and my mind does not wander. I don’t think there will be a time I won’t own one, even if this one eventually becomes worn out (still works fine after 1000s of spins).

Tori & Todd M., Dallas, TX

I expected my husband to love the Gear Ring when I bought it for him last Christmas. I also expected it to land back in my jewelry box for safekeeping because he just isn’t a jewelry guy. I was wrong. He wears it every day, in place of his wedding ring.

Spinning it has become a meditative experience for him, turning the ring into a wearable thinking-toy that helps him stay focused while problem solving, and keeps him from fidgeting during meetings and conference calls at work.

The Gear Ring is truly a social object. My husband can be an intimidating and hard to approach individual, but he’s lost count of the number of complete strangers who approach him when he’s fidgeting with the ring. He’s gotten into the habit of just handing it to them, and once they’ve played with it, they want the contact info. The social interaction around your Gear Ring made my husband aware of just how much people notice jewelry, and especially rings – so I got an upgraded wedding ring out of the bargain, too!