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Happy holidays

Posted by Kinekt Design on

Dear Kinektors,

2021 has not been a easy year. 2020 wasn't any easier. Nevertheless, we pushed on. Kinekt Design is owned and run by just three people. This means that each and every purchase means a lot to us. It also means that we can put back into making the best things that we can. 

With this holiday season, we released our very first product - Time Machine - designed, prototyped, engineered, and produced by a small team of people who were committed to seeing a very complex design being  made in a very small quantity locally here in the US.. something rarely accomplished if ever. We finished the Gear Collection. And we've already slated a super busy project schedule for 2022.  

I'm thankful for Kinekt Design. And that there are people out there who appreciate (and support) a small.. tiny.. no, micro company to deliver the goods. I'd actually argue that no company out there can do what we're doing. This is how business should be run.. making the best thing for the best price that we can.. accountable to only paying its employees and taking the best care of its customers as possible.. while simultaneously being mindful and respectful to the world out there that we call home. 

So with all of that being stated, I just wanted to say thank you to all the Kinektors out there. Although 2021 may not have been easy for many of us, I'm positive that it will make 2022 all the more sweeter. Hope to see everyone there. 

- Glen
Designing inventor + founding owner
Kinekt Design