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Raise The Flag

Posted by Kinekt Design on

I realized that in the plus ten years that Kinekt Design has been in business, we've never had a mission statement. I never bothered to come up with one because I had felt that they were forced and hypocritical.. sounds good on paper, but total bs in practice. 

In response to the dark path that humanity has had to feel its way through over the last two years (much longer than that actually), I decided to ask myself a difficult question. What do we stand for?

The answer is very simple; creativity and the pursuit of creative freedom. That's it. None of the political posturing and virtue signaling that has become so prevalent in our society today. We're not interested in any of that. We're not interested in telling people what to think or what to do. Let me be me and I'll let you be you.. just don't hurt anyone in the process. And then we'll go get a beer and laugh about how serious everyone is but really should be making fun of themselves.

The flag that we choose to raise is the one that enables us to pursue our dreams. And that is a flag that everyone of us should be able to raise with pride.