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Gear Necklace Information

What material is used to make the Gear Necklace?

The Gear Necklace (including the ball chain and clasp) is made from 316L stainless steel, which is the highest quality stainless steel in the jewelry market. Stainless steel has properties which make it highly durable and resistant to tarnishing, fading, scratching, and rusting.  It will not bend or break. It is known to be hypoallergenic for those with metal allergies.

How do I know what length necklace to order?

The length options offered (18", 20", and 30") are considered the length of the necklace chain. See our length guide as a reference point to how these different lengths may fit. Please note this is only a general guide since the fit will vary from person to person. The size of the pendant is the same regardless of the chain length.

Are there any other lengths offered?

We are able to custom cut your chain to any length under 30" free of charge. Please contact us for a custom length request.

How do I care for the Gear Necklace?

If you would like to clean your Gear Necklace, we recommend soaking it in warm soapy water and wiping it dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Please be sure not to use any harsh abrasives or household chemicals, which may damage its natural protective coat. Certain grainy materials (such as sand) may clog the gears, making the gears difficult to spin. Do not try to oil or lubricate the necklace. It is possible to remove the chain if needed for easier cleaning. We kindly request that you contact us should the need arise. Please take caution and do not wear while working with any machinery, equipment, or hazardous substances.


Do you offer engraving services for the Gear Necklace?

We are unable to offer engraving services. We recommend taking the Gear Necklace to a local jeweler who offers the service of engraving.