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We're offering 1 troy oz cubes of mighty fine .999 silver. This is not just a bar of silver now. It's a cube of silver with our K-icon CNC machined directly into one surface. It's beautiful and only available from Kinekt Design. 

If you're going to try beat the system (and we highly recommend that you do), the best way to do it is with some precious metal. And if you're going to beat the system with a touch of stylistic precision (also highly recommended) your best bet is with a Kinektcube.

Silver can be used for many applications, functionalities, and purposes. And we have some ideas as to what K-cube could do at some point in the not-too-distant future. 

* Additional selling point - all purchasers will be added to the list of beta testers for Kinekt Design's biggest, most ambitious idea to date - SK - so get some silver while you still can!

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