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Convert your Gear Ring, Rachel Ring, Propeller Ring, or just about any ring into a necklace with our nifty gadget, the Kinektor.

We've heard the same thing time and time again..

- I've lost my Gear Ring. Some son of a gun stole it.
- I've lost weight and my ring no finger fits. I look damn good, but feel empty inside.
- A heavy piece of machinery crash landed on my hand. My finger is fine (oh, thank heavens), but my Gear Ring will never be the same. 
- I love the Gear Ring, but don't wear rings.

Well, how about adding a Kinektor to your kit?

And the best part of all is that you don't even need a Gear Ring (preferred, but not required). You just need some chain and any old ring. It's going to look better than

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