Welcome to Kinekt Design, a small family-run company that seeks to delight and intrigue the world with unique jewelry and product design, often inspired by interaction and movement.

Sparked by the design of the Gear Ring, Kinekt was founded by Glen Liberman in 2010. Presently, Glen and his sister, Rachel, are the creative duo behind all of Kinekt Design products. Their mom thinks they are really special and she hopes you will think so too.

By obtaining intellectual property in the form of copyrights, trademarks, and patents, Kinekt is able to stay true to their mission and present you with their best possible designs. All products are sold exclusively from this website.

Kinekt = connect + kinetic

Get Kinekted. Be Kinekted. Stay Kinekted.

Kinekt Design


The original songs featured in the product videos are both composed by Glen. You may listen to the full versions of the songs below.

Ringtone (composed for the Gear Ring video, featured on YouTube)
Heartstrings (composed for the Gear Necklace video, featured on YouTube)


Kinekt Design
184 S. Livingston Ave
Suite 9-239
Livingston, NJ 07039