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Tone Drop

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Tone Drop is a kinetic music device. Smack it across your desktop and a loop begins
to play. It wobbles back and forth. It wobbles to and fro. And as long it's moving, the music continues on. For how long you ask? Well, it all depends on how hard you poke, push, smack, spin, and / or telepathically set it into motion. Once at rest the loop stops. Do it again.. and a new loop plays.

So.. err.. what kind of music does it play? 

We've built our very own sound library which consists of thousands of loops for your listening enjoyment.  On a semi-regular basis, we send out new ones directly to your device to replace the ones that you've been listening to. You may notice the change, but you may not. Talk about ambient design at its finest. If Brian Eno could have thought of it, he would've.. but we did instead. 

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No third parties.
And no screen!

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